Social Focus

With our commitment and holistic approach about contributing and producing solutions to real social issues, we constantly endavour to generate a positive transformative impact on individuals, communities and society as a whole. Join us on this journey towards a better future, towards YaYa!



Raising Voices Together

YaYaTogether aims to bring together psychological abuse survivors, relevant resources, and other stakeholders to raise awareness about psychological abuse, to cope with it, to meet the legal, psychological and social needs of the survivors.


Nurturing Inner Self

YaYaResilient aims to create new roadmaps for the development of support methods and healing processes and most importantly prevent trauma by examining the events and conditions that lead to trauma and their post-traumatic effects.


Communities Transforming the Food Cycle

YaYaFoodNetwork aims to ensure transformation into ecological and sustainable production, processing, storage, transportation and purchasing methods by bringing food producers, consumers and other stakeholders together in the same network.

Transformation Workshops


Influencially Connecting with Compassion

We enriched the YaYa communication approach with non-violent communication methods and years of professional communication management experience, resulting in YaYaPeaceful, an educational and practical program that enables us to use peaceful communication effectively in our daily lives. Let's create excellent connections with each other, and be together with respect and joy...


Enriching With Reality

We delved into mindfulness with the YaYa perspective, leading to YaYaMindful, an educational and practical program that allows us to live and enrich our all moments consciously. Let's strengthen our connection with ourselves...


Transforming for the Future

We questioned what we can do as individuals for a sustainable life, and based on our experiences and YaYa ideal, we created YaYaSustainable, an educational and practical program that will transform us and our environment step by step towards a waste-free, simple, healthy, and secure future.

Impact Measurement

To measure our impact and ensure continuous improvement, we regularly monitor and report the outcomes of our social impact oriented activities, with the help of our self-developed application. In line with our transparency principle, we believe in keeping our data open. Therefore, you will soon find reports on these efforts on our website. Until then, if you wish to access information about our work or learn where contributions have been directed, simply reach out to us through our contact form.


Your participation become gifts for all.

We don't apply fixed prices in our workshops. We determine the minimum amount to cover our costs and leave the rest open. Any additional contributions you choose to make go towards our social projects. Your participation becomes a gift to those in need to benefit from our projects.

Pay It Forward

You can purchase our Transformation Workshops or other services we occasionally announce as 'pay it forward' to make them available for individuals in need. If you wish to benefit from the suspended services, you can reach out to us through the relevant contact form.


Road Stories

We update our series and articles containing the YaYa philosophy and transformation stories in the light of our latest experiences. Soon, you will be able to access our shares where we discuss various aspects of our efforts to reach YaYa, from “raising awareness of needs” to “sustainable urban life”, from “peaceful communication” to “post-traumatic recovery processes”, from “nutrition” to “parenting”, and of course how we can meet our needs with YaYa methods.

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