About Us

As InstituteYaYa (which we will refer to as YaYa for short), we are on a dedicated journey in which we constantly pursue excellence, in other words, the “YaYa ideal”. We operate effectively in the fields of software product development and management by using our professional competence on the one hand, and on the other hand, with the projects and services we produce to provide solutions to the social issues we focus on. Guided by our set of principles, we engage in transformative work that generates social impact at every step.


The Purpose

InstituteYaYa is a social initiative that aims for a lifestyle we call “YaYa”, a theoretically achievable yet practically will take “a little” time. YaYa is an ideal where we purify ourselves from undesirable behaviors and their negative consequences that humans impose on themselves, others, and nature, and enriching our lives with well-being, peace, and goodness.

The Pursuit

We start from the observation that the deprivations resulting from the inability to meet basic needs and the border violations we commit, consciously or unconsciously, in order to meet our needs are the root cause of the damage we suffer and inflict. In this direction, we have undertaken the task of showcasing our expertise, knowledge, and skills to achieve an ideal lifestyle where needs can be met in "YaYa" manner.

Therefore, for individuals, communities, and organizations aiming to progress towards a common goal with us, we primarily offer software development, project management, quality management, and product management services to meet the needs in their projects. We aim to expand our working areas in parallel with the development of our team.


As an institute, we structure our work to encompass the entirety of research, development, education, and implementation activities.

Our Impact

We track, measure, report, and share the impact generated as a result of our activities. We primarily use this data to inform our own work because we view each project as a step preparing us for the next goal. Consequently, evolving and diversifying our products and services to generate greater impact is a natural and continuous part of our community culture.

Social Initiative

As a social initiative, we reinvest the returns from our pursuit into social impact-oriented projects that we create to achieve our ideal.

Team Culture

We involve individuals of all ages who share common goals and principles, and are willing to contribute as employees or volunteers in our processes. With a horizontal organizational structure, we value that each stakeholder benefits in proportion to their contribution, takes on significant responsibilities, and has a influence in their respective fields. We improve together. Besides, at YaYa, each contributor has the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime that suits them."

Our Principles

We benefit from a set of principles, each element tightly interconnected with others, providing us with a self-regulation mechanism at every step we take towards our goal.


The Founder

Nuran Eyaz

An engineer and software enthusiast, she brings extensive experience in corporate and R&D projects, holding roles such as developer, quality executive, team leader, mentor, and product owner since 2004. Since 2011, she has served as a social entrepreneur, volunteering in projects focused on ecological sustainability and non-violence as a trainer, coordinator, and facilitator. Additionally, she is a permaculture designer, a practitioner of nonviolent communication, and has received training in trauma and post-trauma psychosocial support. A determined individual, she leverages knowledge and skills acquired from professional and social experiences to realize the YaYa ideal.

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